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Volume 24 No. 157

Sports Industrialists

     General; RICK WELTS, NBAP President; ALAN ROTHENBERG, U.S. 
     U.S. Soccer Federation President; TONY TAVARES, Anaheim
     Sports President; BRIAN FRANCE, NASCAR VP/Marketing; and DON
     GARBER, NFL Int'l Senior VP, will all be keynote speakers at
     the '98 Int'l Sports Summit at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in
     New York, January 14-15.  Panel presentations will discuss
     "Mergers within the Sports Industry;" "Golf and Television;"
     "Sports Facility Management;" "Leagues and the Web;"
     "Expenses and Revenues in College Athletics;" "Grassroots
     Initiatives;" "Extreme Sports;" and "Issues in Sports Law." 
     There will also be a special series of panels on women's
     sports, moderated by SHARON BARBANO, President of the
     Women's Sports Marketing Group (THE DAILY).

          DC-based F.A.M.E. promoted G. MICHAEL HIGGINS from
     Senior VP to Exec VP; NINA MITCHELL from VP/Finance to
     Senior VP/Finance; DAVID BAUMAN from Dir of Legal Affairs to
     VP/Legal Affairs and BRAIN OURAND from Manager of Finance to
     Dir of Finance (F.A.M.E.)....NY-based Active Apparel Group
     named STEVEN OSHATZ VP/Sales USA.  He was a Sales Exec at
     Weekend Exercise Company (Active Apparel).

          Federal investigators "have expanded their probe" of
     49ers co-Owner EDDIE DEBARTOLO JR. with a subpoena of the
     Sands Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, NJ, to turn over
     records of any personal gambling activities he may have
     conducted there (S.F. CHRONICLE, 12/19)....A tennis benefit
     organized by CBS' TIM RYAN for his wife Lee, who has
     Alzheimer's, raised an estimated $50,000 to $60,000 for the
     National Alzheimer's Association and its Boise chapter. 
     JOHN MCENROE and PATRICK MCENROE, who replaced an injured
     JIM COURIER, played in the event (N.Y. TIMES, 12/19).
     CLARK, and one mother, JAN LEETCH, of eight NHL members will
     donate more than $10,000 worth NHL products to BIG BROTHERS
     BIG SISTERS in Canada and the U.S. (THE DAILY). 

          RUPERT MURDOCH is profiled by Diane Shah in LOS ANGELES
     magazine under the header "Will Rupert Buy L.A.?"  The
     Dodgers purchase "will be no more than a decimal point in
     Murdoch's creeping global hegemony. ... Still, what makes
     the Dodgers acquisition different from other Murdoch
     conquests is that he lives here."  Shah adds that "one can't
     help but wonder what Murdoch and his $25 billion News Corp.
     portfolio might mean to us.  Will he be a good corporate
     citizen, sprucing up the city and erecting various wings --
     or a jet-propelled carpetbagger?" (LOS ANGELES, 12/97).

               'Twas the night before Christmas, and down in the south,     The Hurricanes were playing, to not quite a full house.     Starter gear was hung by concessionaires with care,     In hopes that young sports fans soon would be there.     Network TV execs nestled snug in their beds,     While NFL visions danced in their heads.     Commissioner Selig prayed for a salary cap,     And then settled down, for a long winter's nap.     A NASCAR engine's roar wakes us up and alive,     It's Jeff Gordon cruisin', in his racecar by Tide.     We jump to the window and throw back the sash,     There's Commissioner Stern, on a pile of cash.     There's Tiger with his Cobra, so lively and quick,     It won him The Masters, and he pumped his fist.     There's Cheeseheads in Lambeau, cold sick with the flu,     But fear not, they wear Nike and eat Chunky Soup.     There's Jerry Maguire, sports is a business he feasts on,     As a holiday gift, how about a film on Paul Beeston?     So who will be next to show us some game?     And who next year will we call out by name?     "Now, Ebersol! Now, Eisner! Now, Logan and Finchem!     On Rupert! On Bettman! Bring on Venus Williams!"     From the top of the stadium! To the stores in the malls!     Sports Industrialists! Sports Industrialists! Sports     Industrialists, All!     So we get on our sleigh and we blow on our whistle,     We still don't know what Barry was doing with that pistol!     But we'd like to exclaim, as we get out of sight,     "Happy Holidays to All, And to all a Good Night!"