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Volume 24 No. 158

Sponsorships Advertising Marketing

          The following lists the top ten teams in NFL licensed     merchandise sales through October 31, 1997, as compared with     the top ten as of the same period last year (THE DAILY).      Cowboys Dir of PR Rich Dalrymple, on the Cowboys falling to     No. 2 after a long stay at No. 1: "It's a testament to the     great following this organization has that we're still among     the leaders even during the most difficult year we've had on     the field in this decade" (STAR-TELEGRAM, 12/19). 
'97 '96
'97 '96
Packers Cowboys
Eagles Chiefs
Cowboys Packers
Chiefs Raiders
49ers 49ers
Panthers Bears
Steelers Steelers
Broncos Eagles
Dolphins Dolphins
Raiders Panthers

          UNC officials released financial terms of personal-     services contracts between Nike and six of the school's     coaches on Thursday, and Steve Elling of the Raleigh NEWS &     OBSERVER writes "the figures are impressive."  UNC stands to     earn $11.1M over its five-year deal with Nike.  Men's     basketball coach Bill Guthridge and new football coach Carl     Torbush have not begun negotiations with Nike yet, but     women's soccer coach Anson Dorrance will earn $80,000 from     Nike in '98, after Dorrance's $22,000-per year deal with     adidas ends at the end of the year (NEWS & OBSERVER, 12/19).          

          WPSG-TV in Philadelphia, a UPN station, received "a
     negative reaction" from a promotional 76ers spot featuring
     Allen Iverson and now-former-76er Eric Montross, according
     to Bill Fleishman in the PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS.  Several
     viewers said the spot "portrayed Iverson as dumb," and
     others "complained of racial bias."  WPSG GM Walt DeHaven:
     "(Racial bias) was the last thing on anybody's mind."  In
     the spot, Iverson is reading the newspaper and says, "It
     says I'm a player that's recognized for his 'fineness.'" 
     Montross responds, "That says finesse."  Iverson: "Oh,
     still, that's good, right?  Ladies like finesse."  The spot
     was pulled after complaints were filed.  The spot ran eight
     times (Bill Fleishman, PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS, 12/19).

          The Corel WTA Tour and Waterford Crystal have entered
     into a multi-year agreement which makes Waterford a Tour
     Corporate Partner beginning in '98.  Waterford will be
     designated as the "Official Crystal" of the Tour (WTA
     Tour)....Converse, which will introduce its new line of
     skateboard footwear in April, announced its title
     sponsorship of Slam City Jam, a three-day skate and music
     festival in Vancouver to be held May 1-3 (Converse)....The
     Marquee Group has been retained by Little League Baseball to
     consult on marketing and TV production (The Marquee Group).