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Volume 24 No. 155

Sports Industrialists

          F. MORGAN TAYLOR, JR. will replace JUDY BELL as USGA
     President.  Taylor has been VP for three years (Mult.,
     12/18)....BILL JEMAS has been named Exec VP/MSG Properties. 
     He was Founder & President of Blackbox, a collectible card
     company (MSG)....Raptors Senior Manager of Sports
     Communications RICK KAPLAN is leaving the team to work for
     ISIAH THOMAS (TORONTO SUN, 12/18)....The WTA Tour named
     BROOKE LAWER as Communications Manager and NICK IMISON as
     Senior Communications Manager, Europe.  Lawer was previously
     with National Media Group, while Imison was on the European
     Communications staff of the ATP Tour (WTA Tour). 

          Wieden & Kennedy's GARY KOEPKE, TOM BLESSINGTON and
     STACY WALL, who each work out of W&K's N.Y. office, are
     featured in NEW YORK magazine's "Innovators" section.  NEW
     YORK calls W&K's "SportsCenter" ads "TV advertising's most
     persuasive argument against the MUTE button" (NEW YORK,
     12/29 issue)....Chicago-based publishing exec BOB NIENHOUSE,
     co-founder of Merrill Corp., has purchased RICK GALLES' team
     of cars, equipment and crew for the '98 IRL season (STAR-
     NEWS, 12/16)....ROCK NEWMAN has signed on to manage the
     and BROOKE SHIELDS purchased a new home in Pacific
     Palisades, CA, for a reported $6M (SUN-TIMES, 12/17).

          Burton Snowboards Founder & President JAKE BURTON is
     profiled by Tony Chamberlain in the BOSTON GLOBE.  Burton,
     "whose very name is synonymous with snowboarding, does not
     even claim to be a visionary.  Or creator.  Or inventor. 
     Or, for that matter, revolutionary."  Chamberlain: "Yet it
     is hard to imagine that snowboarding would ever have
     happened without Burton, who, despite his simple tastes, is
     president of the largest pure snowboard manufacturer in the
     world."  In its first year, Burton said the company sold 300
     snowboards and then "went up 100 percent" for "about" ten
     years.  Now, sales are going up "around" 25% a year. 
     Burton: "Eventually, boarding will be bigger than skiing." 
     Burton, on the sport being recognized by the Olympics, and
     the Int'l Ski Federation's involvement: "Snowboarding isn't
     skiing and it isn't a team sport.  Accepting and recognizing
     individualism is what the sport is built on.  The concept of
     an American snowboard team traveling around the world, year
     in, year out, all dressed up in red-white-and-blue uniforms,
     is enough to make me gag" (BOSTON GLOBE, 12/18).