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Volume 25 No. 151
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          DON TRANSETH, VP/Sports Marketing for EA Sports, will
     be speaking at the Univ. of OR's Warsaw Sports Marketing
     Center today (THE DAILY)....JOHN SPANO "backed out of a plea
     bargain" with three states on fraud charges, a decision that
     leaves him facing up to 30 years in prison (N.Y. POST, 12/2)
     ....JAY LENO, on the Eagles' get-tough policy: "There were
     20 arrests the first week, they had five arrests yesterday. 
     And a related story, yesterday 11 Indianapolis Colts players
     were arrested for loitering while out on the field" (NBC,
     12/1)....JEFF GORDON was on "GMA" today.  Gordon, on his
     popularity: "It's tough to live up to these things, you
     know.  People magazine ... I certainly don't know how they
     considered me as one of the 50 most beautiful.  It's pretty
     embarrassing around the garage area" (ABC, 12/2).