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Volume 24 No. 112
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          Under the header, "Women Finding Their Places As Big-
     League Power Brokers," Bruce Lowitt of the ST. PETERSBURG
     TIMES examined the "commonplace" of women in the upper-
     echelons of sports.  Like their male counterparts, the women
     come from backgrounds as diverse as their positions, and
     "some -- perhaps most -- have experienced the sometimes
     subtle, sometimes blatant inequities of being a woman in
     what once was almost exclusively a man's world."  ABC Sports
     VP/Programming LYDIA STEPHANS said the greatest resistance
     she meets "tends to come from men in their 50s and up who
     simply are more comfortable dealing with men."  ELIZABETH
     PRIMROSE-SMITH, IBM's Dir of Worldwide Olympic & Sports
     Sponsorships, on how women approach their jobs differently
     than men: "We look more for a long-term solution to a
     situation, look for a win on both sides.  We get frustrated
     when we can't get to that 'win-win,' when the other side is
     playing by different rules.  Guys seem to think, 'If I let
     you get an inch, I've lost a foot'" (ST. PETE TIMES, 11/23).