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Volume 24 No. 117
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          The earning power of "big-time" college football
     coaches -- generated from "huge compensation packages,"
     bonuses and endorsements -- was examined in a front-page
     cover story by Dodd & Pearson of USA TODAY.  USA TODAY
     obtained football coaches' salary information from 87 of the
     112 Division I-A schools, and "[t]hough some schools
     shielded the outside income that typically makes up 50% to
     75% of a coach's salary, the picture that emerges is clear:
     The symbol" for college football in '97 is the logos of
     sports companies such as Nike, adidas and Reebok.  But shoe
     deals "are just one aspect of what has happened in the last
     decade to coaches' contracts, now loaded with perks and
     incentives that can push the total package to three times
     that of the university president."  Coaches will average
     $140,000 in base salary this year and $208,000 in outside
     income from radio/TV shows, public appearances and shoe or
     apparel endorsements.  Almost two dozen coaches have deals
     exceeding $500,000.  Among teams in this week's Top 25, head
     coaches average $560,000, excluding performance bonuses. 
     Outside income ranges from $1,000 to Univ. of FL coach Steve
     Spurrier's $1.8M.  Also, most bonuses "reward on-field
     performance of the team, while incentives tied to academics
     are much rarer, and less lucrative."  The piece also charts
     estimated earnings of the Top 25 Div. I-A coaches, listing
     base salary, estimated outside income related to athletics
     and bonuses that can be earned (USA TODAY, 11/21).