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Volume 24 No. 134
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          The Angels raised ticket prices for the '98 season at
     the newly-renovated Anaheim Stadium by 27%, according to
     Bill Shaikin of the L.A. TIMES.  Angels President Tony
     Tavares: "This is a ticket price increase.  We don't expect
     people to be happy with it."  The new average ticket price
     is $12.25, up from an AL-low average price of $9.68 in '97. 
     The increase is the first since Disney assumed control of
     the team two years ago.  Shaikin wrote that if the Angels
     "can return attendance to 2 million for the first time since
     1993," the club "would generate about" $7.4M in additional
     revenue from the increase.  The Angels drew 1.77 million in
     '97 (L.A. TIMES, 11/8).  Tavares "is baffled by the fan
     apathy, although he suspects it could be due to the ongoing
     renovations" at the ballpark, according to J.A. Adande of
     the TIMES.  The Angels "hope that when the renovations are
     finished and the new ballpark debuts next year it will draw
     people back" (L.A. TIMES, 11/8).  '98 tickets will range
     from $4 to $34.50, not including suites.  Last year's range
     was from $7 to $14.50 (ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER, 11/8).  
          SEATTLE SEAT LICENSES: The Mariners will charge a
     charter seat license of $12,000 to $25,000 to reserve "prime
     seats" in the "first few rows" between the foul poles at
     their new ballpark, set to open in July '99, according to
     Briar Dudley of the Tacoma NEWS TRIBUNE.  The 20-year,
     transferable licenses will be required for the purchase of
     966 new ballpark seats.  Ticket prices at the new ballpark
     will range from $13 to $33.  Last season, M's tickets ranged
     from $11 to $22.  For '98, Kingdome tickets will increase $3
     on the 100 level; $2 on the 200 level and the 300 level
     "view box" seats; and $1 on the "view" seats in the 300
     level.  Prices will not change for the 18,000 $9 and $6
     seats elsewhere in the dome (NEWS TRIBUNE, 11/7).  The
     Mariners "figure to take in roughly $1 million per sold-out
     game at the new park, about a third more than they grossed
     at the Kingdome" (Bob Finnigan, SEATTLE TIMES, 11/7).