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Volume 24 No. 113

Classified Advertisements

          We are pleased to accept nominations for the '97 SPORTS     INDUSTRIALIST OF THE YEAR.  This award is for the one sports     industry executive -- or organization -- that best embodies     our vision of the sports industry during the year.  We're     looking for those who see sports as we do: namely, sports as     entertainment, sports as a distinct industry, and sports as     a global business.  Nominees should have a clear and     definable impact on the industry, work daily to further its     strength and growth, exemplify leadership, and demonstrate     creative and innovative thought.  Additionally, they should     be people or organizations to which the honor will have     meaning.  There'll be no kissing-up here.  The winner will     be selected by THE DAILY's editorial staff and announced in     December.  Nominations can be made by clients of THE DAILY     in writing, on video, or in person.  NOMINATIONS ARE DUE     THIS FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 14.  Please call with any questions.