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Volume 24 No. 156
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          Violet Palmer and Dee Kantner, the NBA's newly named
     women officials, met the press yesterday and discussed their
     appointment as the "first two women referees hired to
     officiate in a major American professional sports league,"
     according to Greg Logan of NEWSDAY.  Logan: "But what people
     really want to know is how they will handle questions of
     sexual harassment in the workplace.  Specifically, what
     happens when an NBA player pats one of them on the butt
     during a game?"  Kantner: "If it's in the context of an
     athlete patting you on the butt, this is not something we
     would misinterpret.  If the actions are condescending, I
     think Violet and I will handle that and disseminate it." 
     Logan: "Both women indicated their surprise at the attention
     their hiring has received, but the NBA has minimized the
     possibility of a circus atmosphere."  Yesterday's interview
     was the only one the two will give all season (NEWSDAY,
     10/30).  Kantner called reports of sexism and criticism by
     current players "sensationalism" (N.Y. TIMES, 10/30).
          MORE TROUBLE? In L.A., Mark Heisler wrote that "as
     many" as 15 NBA referees "are said to be at risk" in the
     IRS' continuing investigation of officials.  NBA Deputy
     Commissioner Russ Granik: "We don't know.  I am told other
     indictments are possible."  Heisler added that "many" refs
     "are waiting uneasily."  One veteran official said he has
     "spent more than $50,000 in legal fees" (L.A. TIMES, 10/29).
          EASY DAVE, NO, THE OTHER ONE: On the "Late Show," David
     Letterman offered his Top Ten Complaints Of The New Female
     NBA referees:  10) Have to share the ladies' room with
     Dennis Rodman; 9)  The new referee uniforms look
     conspicuously like Hooters outfits;  8)  Always go home
     smelling like Ben-Gay; 7)  Players so obsessed with sports
     that they never want to just talk;  6)  That "Lil' Penny"
     guy always trying to look up your skirt;  5)  Keep getting
     faint and nauseous from Michael Jordan's cologne; 4) 
     Players keep asking if they can watch you inflate the ball;
     3)  Whenever you call a foul, they try to get out of it by
     saying your hair looks pretty; 2)  Husbands who keep beating
     the 24 second clock; 1)  Them dudes is sweaty (CBS, 10/29).
          CHUCKIE'S BACK: Charles Barkley is quoted in today's
     HOUSTON CHRONICLE as saying that he is "leaning toward
     retirement" after fallout from Sunday's arrest in Orlando,
     FL.  Barkley: "If the league is not going to stand by me,
     then I'll say, 'Thank you very much,' and move on."  Barkley
     said that the league wants to interview him to "begin its
     investigation of the matter" (HOUSTON CHRONICLE, 10/30).