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Volume 24 No. 158
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          Fox Sports and CT-based The Marment Group (TMG) have
     announced the creation of a year-round tracking poll to
     monitor the sports business marketplace including fan
     interests, sponsorships, promotions, advertising and
     merchandising.  The Fox Sports/TMG Poll will be a
     comprehensive weekly sports poll tracking interests,
     attitudes, TV viewing, Internet usage, brand loyalty,
     product consumption, propensity to purchase and sponsorship
     awareness.  The survey will also help corporations evaluate
     their return on investment in sports and will aid rights
     holders in determining the value of their properties.  TMG
     has conducted research work for the USOC, NFL Enterprises
     and Microsoft, among others.  TMG's Chris Passarell and
     Tracey Schoenadel are contacts for the new service
     (Fox/TMG).  The Fox Sports/TMG Poll "will compete against"
     the ESPN/Chilton Sports Poll, a research tool frequently
     cited by the media (AD AGE DAILY, 10/15).