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Volume 24 No. 158
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          Sponsorship of NASCAR by companies targeting female
     demos was examined by CNN's Stephen Frazier on "Impact." 
     Frazier: "What would the makers of Tide detergent or Kraft
     cheese or Aquafresh toothpaste like about stock car racing? 
     Turns out they like a lot. ... Sponsors really like the
     drivers.  More than most athletes, they appeal to women as
     well as men."  Frazier examined Dale Jarrett, who wears the
     colors of White Rain shampoo on his driving suit and his
     Thunderbird.  Frazier: "In Jarrett, sponsors get a winner
     but they don't get an attitude.  No making kids pay for an
     autograph.  No spitting into an umpire's face.  No kicking a
     cameraman in the groin."  Eric Kraus, Dir of Communications
     for Gillette, which makes White Rain: "Jarrett is one of the
     premier drivers on the NASCAR circuit.  He's good looking,
     he's articulate, he has attributes that people like. ...
     More women go to NASCAR events than to any other sporting
     event in the country.  And then when you look at the number
     of women who are watching this at home you start thinking,
     'My God, this could be something that we could get White
     Rain involved with.'"  Frazier reported that 72% of NASCAR
     fans buy products of league sponsors, and concluded, "It is
     this connection that is driving NASCAR's astounding growth,
     this link to a national audience -- a young, college
     educated and affluent crowd" ("Impact," CNN, 10/12).