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Volume 24 No. 112


          Seiko Corp. has reached an agreement with the SLOC and
     the USOC for a sponsorship and licensing partnership
     covering the next five years leading up to and including the
     2002 Olympic Winter Games (Seiko).  In UT, Mike Gorrell
     reports the deal is "expected to be worth more than" $30M. 
     In addition, the company has agreed to leave equipment and
     scoreboards permanently at a number of Olympic venues and
     will give a Seiko watch to every volunteer during the Games. 
     Seiko won the sponsorship over Swiss Timing, a.k.a. Swatch. 
     Seiko will hold exclusive U.S. rights to market watches and
     clocks bearing either the SLOC or USOC insignias once the
     Nagano Games are completed (SALT LAKE TRIBUNE, 10/10).
          UT GOV SAYS LEAVITT BE: UT Gov. Mike Leavitt "asked
     Utahns on Thursday to forget" SLOC's "problems of recent
     months and to recommit themselves to supporting the" 2002
     Games. Leavitt then went to SLOC's board and "urged its
     members to 'pull together, reunite' and to provide the
     leadership needed to bring the state's citizens back into
     the Olympic fold" (SALT LAKE TRIBUNE, 10/10).