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Volume 24 No. 116
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          The NFL's "high-tech blitz" is examined by USA TODAY's
     Bill Meyers in a page one cover story.  Meyers: "[N]o sport
     utilizes as much state-of-the-art technology as pro football
     -- from expensive, nonlinear video editing equipment to
     encrypted coach-to-quarterback radio transmitters to
     pulsating pain relief appliances run by microprocessors." 
     But the "high-tech blitz has unleashed a heated debate among
     team executives over pro football's future.  At stake:
     whether men or machines will control each game's outcome in
     the 21st century."  Giants GM George Young said that he has
     "no problems with teams using computers to prepare for
     games, but he won't allow PCs after kick-off."  Other
     technological advances featured include the Avid Sports
     statistical system; LED large-screen video display; Sport
     Grass playing surfaces and Vyvx interactive PC system which
     fans can use from their seats (USA TODAY, 10/10).
          JERSEY BOY: The NFL's tailgating experience, through
     the eyes of "Jersey John" Tobias, a Steelers fans who
     travels a total of 750 miles from New Jersey to Pittsburgh
     for home games, is profiled by Roger Thurow in a WALL STREET
     JOURNAL cover story.  Thurow: "[I]f you want to know what
     makes the league the business and cultural colossus that it
     is, don't study the fields of play ... linger in the parking
     lots surrounding those fields of play" (WSJ, 10/10).
          LEAGUE NOTES: Through 82 games, the NFL's average paid
     attendance is 62,222, which is up 1,052 per game from last
     year's average of 61,170 through 81 games (NFL)....Of the 82
     NFL games through the first six weeks of the season, 41% of
     them, 34 games, have been blacked out in their local market. 
     Nine teams have not had a home game televised locally:
     Cardinals, Falcons, Vikings, Bengals, Bills, Colts,
     Dolphins, Chargers and Seahawks (THE DAILY).