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Volume 24 No. 159
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          The Steelers and Pirates ended "months of speculation"
     yesterday by unveiling "their financial share of two
     proposed North Side sports stadiums," according to Sandra
     Skowron of the Pittsburgh TRIBUNE-REVIEW.  Steelers
     President Dan Rooney announced that the team will commit to
     a private contribution of $50M toward the cost of
     constructing a new stadium and said that as part of the
     team's commitment, it would sign a 25-year lease for the new
     stadium.  The team would assume responsibility for cost
     overruns in the construction of the new stadium, provided
     that it control the design and construction phase of the
     project.  The Pirates would commit $35M for construction
     costs of a natural grass stadium expected to cost $185-200M
     and, like the Steelers, would sign a 25-year lease and pay
     for cost overruns if they control construction and design. 
     Pirates Managing General Partner Kevin McClatchy said that
     the team hasn't determined how it will raise the $35M yet. 
     Rooney said that his club "likely would borrow" $50M to
     build a $185M stadium and then use team revenues to pay off
     the loan.  Team execs were "hopeful their commitments would
     bolster support" for a 0.5% sales tax increase which will
     appear on the ballot in 11 counties (TRIBUNE-REVIEW, 9/26).