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Volume 24 No. 136
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          In Utah, State Olympic Coordinator Tom Hardy "quit his
     job" on Friday before he ever started, indicating that the
     "prospects of working closely" with an SLOC led by CEO Frank
     Joklik "does not appeal" to him, according to Mike Gorrell
     of the SALT LAKE TRIBUNE.  Hardy had been named to the new
     post by UT Gov. Mike Leavitt, four days before SLOC
     President Tom Welch resigned.  Hardy: "Very honestly, right
     now it seems to me that Mr. Joklik seems to have a hostility
     to any oversight, government or otherwise."  More Hardy:
     "[Joklik] perceives himself as the savior who will make this
     thing work. ... [SLOC] is going to be an environment that is
     less open to suggestions of any oversight.  It will probably
     be an organization very controlling about the information it
     disperses and those are all trends other than in the right
     direction."  Joklik "dismissed" Hardy's statements, "citing
     his repeated pledges to improve SLOC's relationship with the
     state, and to build a 'meaningful partnership.'"  But
     Gorrell added the recent developments have "troubled" state
     officials.  UT Senate President Lane Beattie: "There isn't a
     person in the Legislature who isn't concerned about what's
     going on with the Olympics" (SALT LAKE TRIBUNE, 9/20).