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Volume 24 No. 113

Events Attractions

          American teams preparing for the 2000 America's Cup are
     in need of funding, according to CNBC's Susan Lisovicz. 
     Experts predict that should all six U.S. teams competing for
     the Cup make it to the qualifying round, it will cost "at
     least" $100M.  However, "not one U.S. corporation has yet to
     come aboard with a major sponsorship," with one reason for
     sponsor reluctance being that TV rights "have yet to be
     awarded."  One of the U.S. teams, Young America, estimates
     that it needs to raise $40M to reclaim the Cup from New
     Zealand.  While some companies previously associated with
     the event say they are "currently in talks," only Norwegian
     outdoor apparel maker Helly Hansen has committed to a
     sponsorship deal.  Jim Reilly, Marketing Director for Young
     America, says he is talking to a "who's who" of the Fortune
     500.  Reilly: "The theme of our marketing program is forget
     all of your romantic notions about sailing. This is about
     business; it's about branding" ("Business Insiders," 9/12).