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Volume 24 No. 113
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          A protest "against tax breaks for the wealthy erupted
     suddenly" in the FL House on Monday as lawmakers denied
     Wayne Huizenga a "second helping of public money" to
     renovate Pro Player Stadium, according to Steve Bousquet of
     the MIAMI HERALD.  The 61-50 vote was a "rare, dramatic
     defeat for one of the most politically connected
     Floridians," and "ended Huizenga's hopes" of receiving $2M a
     year toward stadium improvements for 30 years.  House
     Majority Leader Jim King, a Huizenga backer, on the feeling
     of "momentum turning" against Huizenga: "I told him the
     debate was not going to be pretty.  No matter how you cut
     it, a lot of members perceive this as giving millions to a
     billionaire" (MIAMI HERALD, 4/29).  In St. Petersburg, Rado
     & Walsten writes that Huizenga's chief lobbyist, Ron Book
     "was crestfallen."  Stan Smith, a Huizenga spokesperson,
     said that Huizenga will now consider how to pay for the
     stadium improvements (ST. PETERSBURG TIMES, 4/29).