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Volume 24 No. 117
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          The '97 Sports Law Symposium will be held tomorrow
     morning at Seton Hall Univ. School of Law.  Leading the
     roundtable discussion will be JOEL LITVIN, NBA General
     Counsel; JAY MOYER, NFL Exec VP/Legal Counsel; TOM OSTERTAG,
     MLB General Counsel; and WILLIAM DALY, NHL Senior VP/Legal
     Affairs.  The Newark Star-Ledger's DAN WASSERMAN will
     moderate the program (Seton Hall)....Actor ANDREW SHUE of
     the MLS Galaxy has pulled a hamstring and will be sidelined
     for four weeks.  Also in L.A., Galaxy Dir of PR RON ACOSTA
     was named winner of the Most Valuable PRo award by the
     Publicity Club of L.A. (Galaxy)....DON KING Productions
     issued a press release saying that King was "very, very
     happy" to pay $30M in taxes on April 15.  King: "It gave me
     great pleasure to sign that check" (Don King Productions,
     Inc.)....JAY LENO, on the 0-12 CUBS: "They lost again.  And
     talk about embarrassing, it was a father and son game"
     ("Tonight Show," NBC, 4/16).