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Volume 24 No. 114
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          Taco Bell spokesperson Amy Sherwood said that there are
     "no plans to alter or cancel" their current ad campaign,
     starring Shaquille O'Neal, despite complaints that the ads
     are "insensitive."  In the ads, O'Neal repeatedly tilts his
     neck from the result of eating too many tacos.  The National
     Spasmodic Torticollis Association, which represents
     sufferers of the neurological disorder, spasmodic
     torticollis, says the ads "make light" of the disorder and
     want a toll-free number to get information on the disease
     included in the ad (USA TODAY, 4/17)....Boston-based Woolf
     Associates and Citizens Bank introduced a promotional
     partnership program with the Red Sox' Tim Naehring, his
     "Athletes Reaching Out Foundation" (ARO) and Citizens Bank
     that will run into the year 2000.  Naehring will become the
     official spokesperson for the bank, and be featured in ads,
     promos and PR programs (Woolf Assoc.)....Scott Sports Group,
     the company that brought CO-based Schwinn Cycling & Fitness
     out of bankruptcy four years ago, is putting the bicycle
     maker up for sale.  Schwinn VP/Marketing Greg Bagni: "We're
     in a very competitive business, so we're going to be very
     selective about who we talk to" (ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS,
     4/16)....Wilson Sporting Goods has become the Official Game
     Ball sponsor of the WPVA (Wilson Sporting Goods).