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Volume 24 No. 137

Facilities Venues

          Denver officials said they will take an "honest look"
     at redeveloping Mile High Stadium as an alternative to
     building a new Broncos facility, according to Alan Snel of
     the DENVER POST.  Officials said the city will take three
     steps to evaluate Mile High's redevelopment potential.  City
     officials will submit Mile High to a regional stadium site
     board; they will talk to Broncos officials to discuss the
     team's "exact needs" for a new facility; and they will hire
     a consultant to analyze the costs of rehabilitating Mile
     High.  The study will cost "at least" $200,000.  State Sen.
     Mike Coffman will also introduce a bill in the General
     Assembly that would give the Metropolitan Denver Football
     Stadium District Board the authority to remodel Mile High --
      authority the stadium board "currently lacks." Broncos
     lobbyist Porter Wharton "questioned" whether a renovated
     Mile High would meet NFL stadium criteria and whether it
     could accommodate extensive maintenance costs outlined in a
     city engineering study (DENVER POST, 3/19).

          TX State Rep. Kim Brimer said yesterday that athletes
     should help pay for new arenas through a "locker room usage
     fee" of up to $5,000 per player per game.  Stars President
     Jim Lites, calling the fee an income tax, added such a plan
     "ain't gonna wash" (DALLAS MORNING NEWS, 3/19)....In
     Atlanta, the City Council voted to rename a section of
     Capitol Avenue, including the part that passes Turner Field,
     Hank Aaron Drive (ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 3/18)....Also in
     Atlanta, the dispute over Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium
     "appears to be headed to court," over the issue of whether
     city and county officials give away public property without
     a legislative body debating and voting on the contract.  In
     '93, the Braves were given a 20-year lease on the land where
     Fulton County Stadium sits and the agreement with the team
     calls for the stadium to be demolished to make room for
     2,300 parking spaces (ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 3/16)....New
     Jersey Sports & Exposition Authority (NJSEA) officials
     confirmed that they are "actively negotiating" a naming
     rights deal with Seagrams to rename the Meadowlands
     racetrack Seagrams Park at the Meadowlands (N.Y. POST,
     3/19)....The Raleigh City Council voted 5-3 Tuesday to delay
     $48M in additional public funding for a sports arena until
     more seats on the arena authority are filled locally and
     additional hotel-tax revenues are earmarked for the arts. 
     The Council and Wake County officials "are trying to resolve
     their differences" on the financing repayment conditions
     (Raleigh NEWS & OBSERVER, 3/19).

          The WI State Senate voted 18-15 Tuesday to have the
     Judiciary Committee review the bill that would limit the
     leasing of equipment for the Brewers' Miller Park, according
     to Amy Rinard of the MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL.  Stadium
     Board Chair Robert Trunzo and Brewers President Bud Selig
     "praised the Senate's action."  The possibility that the
     bill would "spark a string of lawsuits ... that would delay
     or even kill the project" arose during the vote.  Sen. Joe
     Wineke, the bill's sponsor, said the delay "would ultimately
     kill the legislation."  Judiciary Chair Lynn Adelman opposes
     the legislation (MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL, 3/18).