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Volume 24 No. 157
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          Coca-Cola sponsored events and marketing initiatives at
     Super Bowl XXXI include the Coca-Cola NFL "Red Zone Super
     Bowl Tickets for Life" promo, where one NFL fan who played
     the Red Zone game during the regular season will be awarded
     a lifetime of tickets to the Super Bowl; Coca Cola Presents:
     "Taste of the NFL VI," a charity dinner featuring former
     players from each NFL city; Coca-Cola and Sprint's NFL
     Experience, the league's interactive theme park; and a
     commemorative Super Bowl XXXI bottle (Coca-Cola).
          JAMBALAYA TIME: USA TODAY's "Super Bowl Ad Watch"
     profiles Dirt Devil's 15-second Meldrum & Fewsmith spots
     which take a scene from Fred Astaire's movie, "Royal
     Wedding," and superimpose Astaire dancing with a Dirt Devil
     Broom Vac, Ultra Hand Vac and Ultra MVP vacuum (USA TODAY,
     1/14)....Packer QB Brett Favre said each Packers player gets
     two free tickets to the Super Bowl, and can purchase up to
     28 more at face value, $275 (MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL,
     1/14)....Wilson Team Sports has produced an official game
     ball to be used exclusively in Super Bowl XXXI.  The balls
     carry the Super Bowl XXXI logo and the participating teams'
     names (Wilson)....NFL Properties' interactive shopping
     kiosks at the NFL Experience allows fans using Visa cards to
     purchase "NFL at Home" products (NFL)....CNBC's Sally
     Jenkins, on Packers commercial success: "You can trace Green
     Bay's commercial success directly to the arrival of Mike
     Holmgren, Brett Favre and Reggie White. ... In 1992 they
     were the 20th best selling merchandise team in the league
     ... In five years they've become number two. ... There's no
     question that the cleanliness of the Packers' image is
     helping them right now" ("Sports View," CNBC, 1/13).