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          Ads airing during Super Bowl XXXI will "be sprinkled
     with more celebrities (both dead and alive) than an Academy
     Awards broadcast," according to Dottie Enrico in USA TODAY. 
     USA TODAY begins to preview Super Bowl spots, and today
     looks at a 60-second Nike ad called "Lil' Penny's Super Bowl
     Party."  In the ad: Tiger Woods; Ken Griffey Jr.; "Jerry
     Maguire" star Jonathan Lipnicki; Jackie Joyner-Kersee and
     Michael Johnson; model Tyra Banks and Gabrielle Reece. 
     "Space Jam" director Joe Pytka directs the Wieden & Kennedy
     spot.  Cindy Crawford will appear in Super Bowl ads for
     PepsiCo and Cadillac, while Shaquille O'Neal will star in a
     BBDO PepsiCo spot.  About half of the game's viewers,
     depending on where they live, will see two ads for Coca-
     Cola's new drink "Surge," while the other half will see 
     Diet Coke promo spots (USA TODAY, 1/13).
          SHRED THE CHEESE?  In Boston, Chris Reidy writes that
     Pro Player President Doug Kelly estimates a Super Bowl
     victory by the Patriots would mean an additional $5M in
     retail sales, while a Packers win could mean $6-8M (BOSTON
     GLOBE, 1/12)....The Packers will wear their green jerseys in
     the Super Bowl (CHICAGO TRIBUNE, 1/13)....Luther Vandross
     will sing the national anthem (USA TODAY, 1/13).