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Volume 24 No. 156


     Spurs Chair Peter Holt's net worth is estimated at around
$40M (SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS-NEWS, 7/20)....An article in the SAN
JOSE MERCURY NEWS claims that San Jose is becoming "a mecca" for
pro sports.  The MLS Clash average 19,200 per game, the AFL
SaberCats over 15,000, and the RHI Rhinos 4,600 (SAN JOSE MERCURY
NEWS, 7/21)....The S.F. Giants unveiled Virtual Views -- a free
Web site that gives on-line ticket buyers the ability to see the
view from their seats before buying tickets (Giants)....ESPN's
Bob Ley reported Lakers officials are "angry" at Magic Johnson
for his "numerous comings and goings."  Johnson could not return
until January because of cap rules -- and then only if 3/4 of NBA
owners approve. Johnson has yet to repurchase the percentage of
the Lakers he resold to Owner Jerry Buss upon his comeback last
season ("SportsCenter," ESPN, 7/22).

     Eagles Owner Jeffrey Lurie said fans "can feel very, very
safe in knowing that this franchise will be in this area," but he
indicated as a "regional franchise" the team could move outside
the city and perhaps the state if a new stadium is not built.
Phil Sheridan of the PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER writes that both the
Eagles and Phillies want new homes, but only one stadium will
likely be built -- and it "is generally considered more likely"
it will be a new ballpark which would host 81 dates a year.
Lurie "made it clear" a refurbished Vet is not an option and
"seemed to be alluding to a scenario" where NJ, DE or a
neighboring PA county could lure the Eagles (PHILA. INQUIRER,

     Panthers season ticket holders are seeing a "fast return" on
their NFL PSLs -- some valued as much as 70% or more on the
resale market, according to this week's Charlotte BUSINESS
JOURNAL.  While the team said the PSLs are not intended for
resale and transfers are not allowed until June '97, the BUSINESS
JOURNAL's Erik Spanberg reports that "many speculators are
already selling PSLs."  On July 19, the secondary market will be
tested when a local auctioneer sells six club seat PSLs due to
bankruptcies.  The club will not oppose the auction.  The
Panthers have sold 56,800 of 62,000 PSLs for $100M toward stadium
construction.  The remaining 10% of tickets will be kept open for
single-game sales.  Marketer Max Muhleman:  "The intention was
never profit.  We insisted on permanent rights to make it
special, so the tickets could be passed down over time.  This is
a case of American ingenuity turning into a coincidental
byproduct" (BUSINESS JOURNAL, 7/22 issue).

     Despite learning that Marge Schott plans to replace him as
CEO when his interim period ends in three weeks, John Allen plans
to continue ticket discounts -- a practice that reportedly
"irked" Schott -- and is seeking approval to display the retired
numbers of former Reds manager Fred Hutchinson and catcher Johnny
Bench in Riverfront Stadium.  Schott can nominate her long-term
replacement for CEO, but that person must be approved by MLB.
Allen, who says he would want to continue as controller:  "It's
her team.  She owns it.  It's her prerogative" (HOUSTON

     With the Canucks, Maple Leafs and Blues all bidding for his
services, Wayne Gretzky's deal with the Rangers is for two years
worth $4M a year.  But NEWSDAY's Laura Price notes with added
compensation and an MSG TV show, his intake could potentially be
$5.5M a year (NEWSDAY, 7/22).  The N.Y. POST's Larry Brooks
claims the Rangers won't just be better on the ice, they'll be a
better draw as well:  "They will be an event, here and on the
road.  But they will be a team that is very much single-minded in
its pursuit of the Cup.  Did anyone say, Oilers of the 80's?"
(N.Y. POST, 7/22).  Price notes that Gretzky's signing could also
spur former Oilers and unrestricted free agents Jari Kurri and
Kevin Lowe to return to New York (NEWSDAY, 7/22).
     LEAGUE WINS, TOO:  MSG Network/Fox analyst John Davidson:
"This is very exciting, not only for the New York Rangers, but
also for the entire National Hockey League.  What's unique about
Wayne's decision is that he chose to finish his illustrious
career with one of the original six teams."  Fox studio analyst
Dave Maloney:  "The best thing about Wayne's signing is the
attention generated towards the NHL in July" (Fox Sports).  In
Toronto, Gare Joyce writes, "For a professional sports league
seeking to increase its profile in the United States, to win the
hearts and minds of John and Joan Q. Public from Maine to Hawaii,
New York must fall in its thrall.  The Great One will surely show
up on Letterman as regularly as Regis.  He'll have a hotline to
Don Imus in the morning" (Toronto GLOBE & MAIL, 7/23).