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Volume 24 No. 156

Facilities Venues

     Though the Lions have no "clear-cut favorite" between
remaining at the Silverdome or building a new facility in
downtown Detroit, Owner William Clay Ford "all but ruled out"
sharing a stadium with the Tigers, reports Mike O'Hara of the
DETROIT NEWS.  Saying he "wouldn't want to call it," Ford
indicated that in "the next 10 days or two weeks," they will
decide -- "or at least have a lot clearer view."  Ford said
sharing is "an alternative, but way on the back burner.  I think
the Tigers would agree" (DETROIT NEWS, 7/23).

     Panthers President Bill Torrey said if the team's lease
extension with the Miami Arena is not resolved in "about 10
days," he will explore moving outside South FL for one or two
years, possibly to Portland, according to Barry Jackson of the
MIAMI HERALD.  The arena's owners, the Miami Sports and
Exhibition Authority, rejected a lease worked out between the
team and Leisure Management, the arena manager,  and Torrey has
said the Panthers will not return to Miami Arena without MSEA
approval.  Torrey:  "Go to the Stanley Cup Finals and get evicted
-- that would be a sporting first."  Because of the move to the
new Sunrise arena in '98-99, the Panthers would like a two-year
lease, but MSEA attorney Joe Portuondo wants a longer deal.
Torrey added that moving elsewhere in FL "would be difficult" due
to inadequate facilities (MIAMI HERALD, 7/23).

     CA Gov. Pete Wilson signed a bill last week to allow
Sacramento to create a Baseball Authority which will attempt to
lure an MLB team and build a new stadium (PHILLY DAILY NEWS,
7/20)....The Lightning will play their first game in the new Ice
Palace on October 20 against the Rangers (TAMPA TRIBUNE,
7/23)....The city of Orlando has announced a joint venture with
the FunLeague Group, Inc. to build a two-building complex next to
the Citrus Bowl that will house a 5,000-seat multi-purpose arena
and two NHL regulation size rinks for ice-skating and in-line
skating (City of Orlando).