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Volume 24 No. 160

Collegiate Sports

     The NCAA Division I Men's Ice Hockey Committee has
recommended the following Final Four sites for the 2000-2003
events:  2000, Providence Civic Center, Providence, RI; 2001,
Knickerbocker Arena, Albany, NY; 2002, Saint Paul Civic Center,
Saint Paul, MN; and 2003, Marine Midland Arena, Buffalo, NY.
Each site will be presented to the NCAA Executive Committee for
its approval in August.  The '97, '98 and '99 Final Fours are
currently scheduled for the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Boston's
FleetCenter and the Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim, respectively

     UMass officials "spared no expense," in entertaining
supporters and school staff during the college basketball Final
Four weekend -- spending all but $15,438 of the $227,328 it is
slated to receive in revenue and reimbursements from the NCAA,
according to the BOSTON GLOBE.  David Armstrong reports UMass
Chancellor David Scott's complimentary $450-a-night suite at the
Sheraton Manhattan alone showed almost $8,500 in food and laundry
costs, while administrators spent "at least" $50,000 to "wine and
dine each other" along with hundreds of alumni, donors and
politicians.  School officials say the money was spent to
"promote good will," which they expect to help increase donations
and support for the university.  Associate Chancellor Susan
Pearson:  "We anticipate that the excitement generated by the
event, and the hospitality we were able to extend the
university's many supporters, will rebound to our considerate
benefit, financially and otherwise."  Expenses for the team,
which stayed at a Marriott Hotel closer to the Meadowlands, were
"modest."  Charges included team meals at McDonald's and Dominos,
movie tickets and $20 for gum and juice (BOSTON GLOBE, 6/13).

     The Sugar Bowl, scheduled to host college football's
National Championship Game in January, has named former
Vanderbilt Univ. AD Paul Hoolahan as its new Exec Dir, according
to the New Orleans TIMES-PICAYUNE.  Hoolahan was selected from
finalists that included former Alabama AD Hootie Ingram and WLAF
Commissioner Eric Tillman (Bill Campbell, New Orleans TIMES-
PICAYUNE, 6/13).