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Volume 24 No. 112
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     Compaq Computer will sponsor the Compaq World Putting
Championship, a new grass roots event developed in conjunction
with putt-master Dave Pelz.  ESPN will televise the competition
and supporting sponsors include Golfweek magazine, USA Today,
Titleist golf balls, and the PGA and LPGA Tours (BRANDWEEK,
4/22)....Converse is profiled in the BOSTON HERALD.  Steff
Gelston notes the shoemaker has "geared up for the next step in
its turnaround" with recent management changes including the
appointment of former Nike head of research Ned Frederick to head
R&D and the replacement of retiring Chair & CEO Gib Ford with
sporting goods veteran Glenn Rupp (BOSTON HERALD, 4/22)....L.A.-
based product placement company Premier Entertainment had NFL
products air 80 times on network TV since September.  That
translates into $19M in paid ad rates (USA TODAY, 4/23).... Coca-
Cola is test-marketing a new drink called "Urge" in Norway.  The
brand is targeted to compete against Mountain Dew in the U.S.
(CHICAGO TRIBUNE, 4/23)....Nike is profiled in the "Heard on the
Street" column in the WALL STREET JOURNAL.  Morgan Stanley
shoe/clothing analyst Josie Esquivel, on the broad appeal of
Nike's name:  "People are starting to realize that maybe this
company should be treated as a consumer brand rather than a
footwear company" (WALL STREET JOURNAL, 4/23)....Chicago
attorneys Richard Colombik and Mike Whelan unsuccessfully tried
to trademark the phrase "Four-Peat" after the Bulls won their
third straight NBA championship.  They have since trademarked the
phrase, "Four of a Kind" (CHICAGO TRIBUNE, 4/22).