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Volume 24 No. 112
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     Fox Sports, which has already secured GM as a sponsor for
its MLB games, is "on the prowl" to lure other auto sponsors,
along with fast food and drug marketers.  INSIDE MEDIA's
Brockinton & Reynolds report Fox has made proposals to several
import auto companies, including Nissan, Toyota, Honda and
Mitsubishi, with one asking price at $12M.  The packages include
three 30-second spots on each regular season broadcast, along
with three 30-second spots in post-season games.  Fox is also
offering packages that run from $8M-$12M for similar regular
season opportunities and one less postseason spot per game.  Fox
is said to be seeking an additional domestic auto partner, but
whether Ford or Chrysler has any interest "is unclear."
Meanwhile, GM is also reportedly close to a major deal with NBC.
INSIDE MEDIA also reports Fox "was on the verge" of a deal with
Pizza Hut, and is also said to be pitching other fast-food
outlets, including Red Lobster, Burger King, McDonald's and
Wendy's.  In the "highly competitive" antacid category, Fox is
"close" to extensive baseball deals with Warner-Lambert, which
will introduce Zantac 75 OTC next month, and Johnson & Johnson,
producers of Pepcid AC (INSIDE MEDIA, 3/20 issue).
     OTHER MLB NOTES:  Similar to its NHL tie-ins, 7-Eleven will
make MLB-themed Super Big Gulp cups available in July and August.
The cups will contain MLB and Fox logos and the network's
baseball schedule.  In addition, 7-11 will run a MLB promotion
with players featured on phone cards.  Also,
ESPN and Sherwin-Williams have struck a deal to give the paint
maker commercial time on its "Wednesday Night Baseball"
broadcasts this season (INSIDE MEDIA, 3/20 issue).