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Volume 24 No. 159
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     NFL owners are expected to vote today on a proposal to bring
back instant replay.  If approved by 23 of the league's 30
owners, replay would be used on a test basis in '96 -- "not
affecting play outcomes," according to NEWSDAY's Bob Glauber --
and implemented in '97.  Redskins GM Charley Casserly, who is
leading the pro-replay lobbing effort, believes a USFL-style
"challenge system" with a sideline monitor could pass (NEWSDAY,
3/13).  Mike Holmgren, acting Competition Committee Co-Chair:
"There is a way to do this that doesn't disrupt the game, the
timing of the game, it corrects a potentially poor call, and it
is not used as much as it was in the past" ("SportsCenter," ESPN,
     NASHVILLE:  In yet another day of discussion of franchise
movement, Nashville Mayor Phil Bredesen made a presentation on
the positives of his city and the league's entry into the "mid-
South" region.  Raiders Owner Al Davis:  "All I can say is that
it was an outstanding presentation" (PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER,
3/13).  While the Oilers are pushing for a vote today, the
Finance and Stadium Committees "still have many questions."  NFL
Commissioner Paul Tagliabue hinted the matter will be dealt with
before the end of April (ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 3/13).  ESPN's
Keith Olbermann, on Houston Mayor Bob Lanier's presence Monday:
"Bredesen looked like the clear winner" ("SportsCenter," 3/12).
     CLEVELAND:  Steelers President Dan Rooney said he would be
surprised -- "and more than a little upset" -- if Cleveland gets
an expansion team in '99.  Rooney:  "We can't be expanding
everywhere in the country that loses a team."  While current
prospects for Cleveland include the Bengals, Bucs and Patriots,
league officials said the field could widen.  One owner:  "Some
of the candidates might surprise you" (Bart Hubbuch, Akron BEACON
JOURNAL, 3/13).
     SUPER BOWL SITES:  The Rose Bowl joins Miami as one of the
possible replacements as a site for the Super Bowl in '99, with
San Francisco expected to ask for a delay of several years.  If
Miami gets '99, Pasadena would be the leading candidate for 2000
-- and vice versa.  The league could ask Southern CA to submit a
bid for '99 as early as next month (Bill Plaschke, L.A. TIMES,
     FREE AGENCY:  CNN's Mark Morgan examined the state of NFL
free agency.  Broncos President Pat Bowlen:  "Right now I think
the mood of the ownership in the league is that the labor deal
isn't working in the way we thought it would and we as owners
aren't really all that enthusiastic about the labor agreement"
("Sports Tonight," CNN. 3/12).