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Volume 24 No. 112


     The CBC has lined up six full sponsors for the broadcasts of
the Atlanta Games -- McDonald's, IBM, Royal Bank, UPS and Kodak.
Rona, a home-improvement chain in Quebec, will sponsor Radio-
Canada only.  Chrysler and Sony have bought time for the second
week of the Games, while Panasonic, Stentor, the National Bank,
Helene Curtis and Milk Producers are in for the first half.  Visa
is another partial sponsor (Toronto GLOBE & MAIL, 2/13).

     The USOC's share of money expected from marketing the 2002
Games "apparently isn't going to be settled" before an IOC-
imposed March deadline, according to the DESERET NEWS.  The
SLOOC/USOC joint marketing agreement must be approved by the IOC
before corporate sponsorships and other sources of revenue can be
secured.  This money is expected to make up 42% of the SLOOC's
$800M budget.  Lisa Riley Roche writes the sooner SLOOC is
underway the better, because NBC's $3.5B TV contract has created
strong interest in the Olympics that some fear will wear off
after Atlanta.  IOC VP Dick Pound said SLOOC and USOC should have
an agreement by the IOC's next meeting in July.  USOC Deputy Sec.
General John Krimsky said there is no problem, just "a lot of
complexity."  He said the 30% USOC share suggested in the SLOOC's
initial proposal is "close" to what he wants (DESERET NEWS,