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Volume 24 No. 156
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     Coverage of the NBA in Canada, especially for the Grizzlies,
is criticized by Vancouver PROVINCE columnist Lowell Ullrich.  He
writes the league "bombed when it comes to providing Canadian
basketball fans a steady diet of their new found product on the
tube."  The Grizzlies will be shown just 32 times in British
Columbia and CTV will do 19 games, "five of which it will pick up
from other networks."  Ullrich writes "there are more reruns of
Mr. Ed than there are games involving" the Grizzlies and Raptors,
"who'll be on CTV eight times each because the league overpriced
its product."  Although the NBA, which "managed to prevent" the
Grizzlies from televising their first game in November, "is the
biggest culprit" in Ullrich's eyes, he writes there's "plenty of
blame to go around for everyone."  Orca Bay, which owns the
Grizzlies Owner, will go before the Canadian Radio and
Telecommunications Commission to "acquire a pay-per-view license"
(Vancouver PROVINCE, 1/10).
     BRING ON THE HAWKS: The Blackhawks' failure to secure a
broadcast TV outlet in the Chicago market is criticized by Bob
Verdi of the CHICAGO TRIBUNE.  The decision by Hawks Owner Bill
Wirtz has been "he doesn't want to give away a product out of
loyalty to season-ticket holders."  Verdi notes even with empty
seats at the United Center this year, Wirtz "could sell TV rights
to a home game for a lot more, not to mention what he could
charge advertisers for increased visibility.  So then, by
refusing to televise home games, [Wirtz], the alleged cheapskate,
actually is costing himself money" (CHICAGO TRIBUNE, 1/11).