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Volume 24 No. 117

Law Politics

     In Detroit, African-American leaders "are threatening
action" against the city's major sports teams for failing to hire
minorities for management jobs, according to Tricia Serju of the
DETROIT NEWS.  The "main target" of the Rainbow Commission for
Fairness in Athletics is the Tigers, "but questions are also
being raised about the Lions, Red Wings, and Pistons."  The
Tigers currently have five African- Americans in a front office
staff of 61.  Charles Farrell, National Dir for the Commission,
said they will examine what the Tigers have accomplished since
legal action was threatened last year.  He did not rule out
future action.  Farrell:  "We backed off of the lawsuit because
(the Tigers) promised to improve minority hiring.  They hired a
black woman [Kayla French, Dir of Community Relations], but it
has not gone far enough" (DETROIT NEWS, 12/20).