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Volume 24 No. 156
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     DAVID CONE testified yesterday at the federal tax evasion
trial of his former accountant, ERIC GOLDSCHMIDT, admitting he
was "a little uneasy" when Goldschmidt told him to just "put in a
figure" on a blank 1040 form for money he made from autographs.
Cone said he inadvertently failed to report one $1,500 show in
the process.  Though Cone admits he underreported, prosecutors
say he broke no laws because they can't prove he did it on
purpose (N.Y. DAILY NEWS, 12/15)....The Eastern Motorsport Press
Association has named IRL Founder TONY GEORGE as its "Newsmaker
of the Year" (Ernie Saxton Communications)...."ET" went on
location with CAL RIPKEN in his role as a technical advisor for
the film "The Fan," to be released this June.  Ripken was shown
advising WESLEY SNIPES on hitting.  Ripken:  "He's got good bat
speed."  ET's John Tesh: "It takes a lot of balls to play a major
leaguer" ("ET," 12/14)....SHAQUILLE O'NEAL will make his return
to the Magic tonight against the Jazz.  The star center will not
start, and commented, "I'm not a prima donna who needs to start.
I don't want to mess with any chemistry.  I'll go for the Sixth
Man award.  It's mine" (ORLANDO SENTINEL, 12/15)....Nets guard
Kenny Anderson has hired DAVID FALK as his new agent (N.Y. POST,