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Volume 24 No. 160
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     Despite the outcry over a World Tour idea that was floated
just one year ago, the "notion of increasing elite competition
among the world's best players lives on strongly," according to
Jeff Rude in the cover story of the current GOLFWEEK.  Frank
Williams, agent to Greg Norman, who backed the proposal last
November, said he believes golf fans will "see some sort of world
tour in 1997 -- not until then because of the existing
(television) contracts."  PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem
confirmed he and other pro tour commissioners from around the
world are working on "specially designated series of events with
an international context."  Finchem said resolving the Tour's FTC
issues earlier this year has helped move the process forward.
Norman and organizer John Montgomery, Jr., say they have seen
"two other serious proposals," one by Joe Collet, a former agent
for Seve Ballesteros (GOLFWEEK, 11/18 issue).  An editorial in
GOLFWEEK states that "golf needs a world tour.  The people want
it, the players want it, the sponsors want it."  Existing tours
"better deliver quickly" before a "maverick" tour disrupts pro
golf (GOLFWEEK, 11/18 issue).
     MONTGOMERY MOVES ON: Montgomery, who was the World Tour
"frontman," is profiled as "recovering from World Tour setback."
He now heads Montgomery Sports in Marietta, GA, which works with
college football athletic directors on logo properties (Richard
Mundry, GOLFWEEK, 11/18 issue).