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Volume 24 No. 155
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     While the Browns stadium deal continued to gain official
approval in MD, OH Gov. George Voinovich "said he is trying to
find investors to buy the team," according to this morning's
Akron BEACON JOURNAL.  Voinovich, who wouldn't identify possible
investors:  "If [Browns Owner Art] Modell is not happy with the
financial situation perhaps we can create an environment where he
might be able to get out of all this, make some money, and walk
away" (Akron BEACON JOURNAL, 11/16).
     SEND FAX PAPER, NOT MONEY:  Bills Dir of Community Relations
Denny Lynch said the team and Owner Ralph Wilson have received
400 faxes from Browns fans, while the Dolphins and Vikings report
receiving over 300 each.  The PLAIN DEALER and local radio
stations have made public fax and phone numbers for the NFL and
team owners.  Lynch:  "You can tell people are sincere in their
emotions. ... But we need more fax paper" (Jarrett Bell, USA
TODAY, 11/16).
     NAME GAME:  In Baltimore, John Eisnenberg writes it is time
for Modell to reconsider changing the name of the team.
Eisenberg, who argues to leave the Browns name in Cleveland:
"The heat of the issue would cool considerably, if not entirely,
if everyone knew that Cleveland's next team -- and there will be
one -- would have the old team's name and colors, courtesy of
Modell. ... It's the right thing to do, and Modell knows it"
(Baltimore SUN, 11/16).