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Volume 24 No. 178
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     Acting MLB Commissioner Bud Selig told MLB GMs at their
annual meeting in Scottsdale, AZ, that owners "would soon make a
new labor proposal to the players union," according to this
morning's MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL.  Selig denied reports
owners and players are engaged in a game of "chicken" in which
neither side makes an offer and the owners hold out until
players' salaries fall further.  Selig:  "Both sides get hurt by
waiting."  However, Selig offered no timetable for an offer,
saying only "sometime in the near future."  He added that he sees
a "much more mature and sophisticated understanding on both
sides" and that there "absolutely" will be revenue-sharing after
a new labor deal (Tom Haudricourt, MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL,
     PAYROLL NUMBERS:  Payroll figures for the 28 MLB teams were
presented to the GMs yesterday.  Computed by MLB's Players
Relations Committee, the numbers show overall payroll at
$897,848,013 -- a $19M rise from '94.  However, Murray Chass
notes that figure is based on more players this year than last.
The average salary ($1,089,621) is 5.6% less than '94.  Final
awards bonuses were not figured into the figures (N.Y. TIMES,
          Yankees   $54,889,849         Giants    $33,656,183
          Reds       46,763,886         Astros     33,539,668
          Orioles    46,439,636         A's        31,367,722
          Braves     46,423,444         Phillies   29,583,350
          Blue Jays  41,833,500         Tigers     28,322,167
          Indians    39,088,500         Royals     28,108,834
          Rockies    37,964,871         Cardinals  27,461,500
          Red Sox    37,002,750         Padres     24,801,334
          Mariners   36,819,610         Marlins    22,786,781
          Dodgers    36,480,201         Pirates    17,379,333
          White Sox  36,435,782         Brewers    17,057,384
          Rangers    35,601,226         Twins      14,509,000
          Angels     33,802,667         Mets       13,040,444
          Cubs       33,731,834         Expos      12,956,557
     TAKING EXEMPTION:  Tracy Ringolsby notes the significance of
MLB's antitrust exemption on franchise stability (ROCKY MOUNTAIN
NEWS, 11/12).  But Peter Gammons notes Selig says two or three
MLB teams will relocate in the next "couple of years."  Gammons
says Montreal is one, and a Bay area team is another (BOSTON
GLOBE, 11/13).