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Volume 24 No. 156

Sports Industrialists

     HART HOOTON has been named New Media Manager for Sports
Illustrated.  He joins SI from the Corporate Marketing and Sales
division of Hearst magazines (SI).

     Former Colgate-Palmolive Chair & CEO DAVID FOSTER has been
named the '95 honoree of the LPGA Commissioner's Award
(LPGA)....JOHN FEINSTEIN's new book "Winter Games" is alleged to
take some "none-too-fictional shots" at Georgetown Head
Basketball Coach JOHN THOMPSON and his relationship with Nike
(WASHINGTONIAN, 11/95 issue)....Bills QB JIM KELLY, and Dolphins
at World Series Game 3 in Cleveland last night (NBC,
10/24)....Nine-year-old sportscaster SPARKY MORTIMER continued
his World Series updates for David Letterman last night.  On his
day off Sparky spent his time throwing ice and rolls out of his
hotel window ("Late Show," CBS, 10/24)....JOE THEISMANN paid a
visit to Jay Leno ("Tonight Show," NBC, 10/24)....Piston guard
MARK MACON will open Macon's Music Cafe in Detroit this week
(DETROIT NEWS, 10/25)....A disgruntled SHAQUILLE O'NEAL, after
learning he may be out 5-6 weeks for a hand injury suffered from
a physical foul: "Next time I get chopped, I'm going to have to
give 'em some of my Shaq Fu stuff" ("SportsCenter," ESPN,
10/24)....Former Blue Jay GM PAT GILLICK is profiled in today's
GLOBE & MAIL. Although begin pursued by other baseball
organizations, Gillick has been studying the acquisition of a
junior team in the Ontario Hockey League for Maple Leaf Gardens
(Toronto GLOBE & MAIL, 10/25)....Red Sox CEO JOHN HARRINGTON was
featured on NESN's "Front Row" this week.  Harrington, on the
delay in reaching a labor agreement:  "The economic issues are so
complex in terms of how do you really design an economic system
that treats the players fairly and lets the clubs earn sufficient
money so they can plow it back into the development of their
teams. ... It's almost impossible to do that right now in light
of the work stoppage which created economic chaos in the
industry" (NESN, 10/23).....Houston Aeros Owner CHUCK WATSON's
NGC natural gas trading company is profiled in the latest FORBES
(FORBES, 11/6 issue).
              >>>>>>>>>>>>  REMINDER  <<<<<<<<<<<<
     Keep those nominations for "Sports Industrialist of the
Year" coming!  Remember, nominees should have a clear and
definable impact on the industry, work daily to further its
strength and growth, and demonstrate creative and innovative
thought.  Nominations can be made in writing, on video or in
person.  Please submit all entries by November 3 at 5pm.