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Volume 24 No. 114


     Most top ACOG executives received pay raises ranging from
nearly 4% to 5% this year, with ACOG President Billy Payne
getting a 6% raise giving him a $669,112 annual salary, the
highest salary of any head of a nonprofit organization in the
nation, according to the ATLANTA CONSTITUTION.  Payne was hired
in '90 at the salary of $500,000 which has increased "just more
than" 6% per year. His raise was the minimum as dictated by his
contract.  ACOG COO A.D. Frazier also got his minimum raise,
making his annual salary $473,500.  Those getting larger raises,
as approved by ACOG, include Scott Anderson, manager of Games
services such as ticketing and housing, who got an 11% raise to
$250,000, and CFO Pat Glisson who got a 14% raise to $200,000
(Melissa Turner, ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, 10/12).

     Atlanta Olympic officials have decided to "write off" some
of its Centennial Olympic Park brick program and will "absorb"
$8M of the $15M it guaranteed against the sale of 700,000 bricks.
To date, 223,000 bricks have been sold (Melissa Turner, ATLANTA
CONSTITUTION, 10/12)....ACOG will begin refunding money to people
who didn't get tickets this weekend (USA TODAY, 10/13).