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Volume 24 No. 158

Sponsorships Advertising Marketing

     The Penguins have inked a three-year marketing agreement
with USAir to "create spontaneous and continuous synergies,"
according to Steve Ryan, CEO of Pittsburgh Sports Associates.
Promotions will be created for USAir's "blue chip accounts"
featuring Penguins players and team sponsors as well as ticket
buyers.  These will include team and corporate travel as well as
advertising in Penguins and USAir media packages.  The deal also
provides over 6,000 square feet of in-arena logo and signage
advertising.  This will also feature two ceiling logos which a
team release calls the "largest single Scotchpin graphic images
every displayed in the world" (Penguins).

     Leaf North America's Donruss unit introduces their new NFL
licensed trading card venture called, "The Red Zone" today.  This
is Donruss' first football venture, as they previously have
focused on hockey and baseball.  The "one-on-one ... interactive"
card game features an 80-card starter pack, "a scoring wheel, and
booster packs to build player personnel."  With a target market
of 12-30, Donruss President John Williams believes Red Zone can
be a $50M retail business within two years (CHICAGO TRIBUNE,
10/10).  Donruss and fellow NHL licensee, Electronic Arts, will
join this fall for a cross-promotion tied to EA's new NHL '96
game for Sega Genesis.  Packs of Donruss NHL trading cards,
"shipping now, are flagged with an offer for $15 off purchase of
NHL '96.  Also nearly 1 million Donruss cards will be boxed with
the game" (BRANDWEEK, 10/9 issue).
     JORDAN ON CANVAS:  Celex Group Inc. and Upper Deck Co. has
released their first product under a production and marketing
deal which allows Celex to produce and market limited edition
Michael Jordan commemorative lithographs, retailing for $149 each

     MLB Properties spokesperson Carole Coleman said the Mariners
had jumped from 21st in licensed merchandise sales to 7th through
July.  That does not include fan interest heightened by the
team's playoff run (SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER, 10/10)....The
Avalanche's new look is the "hottest selling sports merchandise
in Denver," according to Chance Conner of the DENVER POST.  Scott
Franklin, Dir of Merchandising and Retail Ops for the Avalanche
and Nuggets, said the team expected to do "about $5 a head" in
merchandise sales for the sellout crowd of 16,061 at their home
opener.  That figures close to $80,305 in Avalanche goods (DENVER
POST, 10/8)....Over 1,000 financial analysts rated 389 major U.S.
corporations on brand equity in a recent study conducted by CDB
Research & Consulting.  Coca-Cola, Hewlett-Packard, Sysco and
Walt Disney received perfect ratings of 10.  Rounding out the top
ten were Nike, Wrigley, Gillette, Microsoft and McDonald's
(BRANDWEEK, 10/9 issue). ....Although Barry Sanders works for the
Ford family, who own the Lions and Ford Motor Co., he is doing a
Cadillac commercial for General Motors.  Lions VP Bill Keenist:
"It's a fabulous spot.  The only thing better would have been if
it were a Lincoln" (ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH, 10/8).
....Organizers of the first Fieldcrest Cannon LPGA Classic say
"crowds and sponsorships exceeded expectations at the recent
event."  Sponsorship and ticket sales generated an estimated
$800,000, "which should help the event break even," according to
the CHARLOTTE BUSINESS JOURNAL.  Title sponsor Fieldcrest Cannon
"hopes to pursue a TV deal for next year" (CHARLOTTE BUSINESS
JOURNAL, 10/9 issue)....The ATP Tour has announced that Adidas
will be presenting sponsor of ATP Tour Fan Fest in Frankfurt in
conjunction with the IBM/ATP Tour World Championships in
November.  The FanFest, an interactive event featuring a skills
contest and exhibits, will run November 13-15 in the Festhalle
where the World Championship will be played (ATP)....The "CBS
Sport Show" with Pat O'Brien visited the set of "Space Jam," the
movie starring Michael Jordan and featuring other NBA stars,
including Reggie Miller, Larry Johnson, Alonzo Mourning, and
Shawn Bradley.  Producer Ivan Reitman, of "Ghostbusters" and
"Twins" fame:  "I wasn't sure, first of all, how they could act.
... But they were wonderful, they were used to being in front of
a camera, used to being in front of a lot of people.  We gave
them lines, spontaneously very quickly, and they added to them.
They were very funny" (CBS, 10/7).... Sponsorship of professional
rodeo is examined by W.D. Murray of BLOOMBERG BUSINESS NEWS.
Among the companies "spending thousands in sponsorship dollars on
rodeo TV broadcast" include VF Corp.'s Wrangler Jeans, Anheuser-
Busch, Adolph Coors, and Chrysler (ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH,

     NASCAR is planning to put its name on merchandise stores and
"speed parks," according to the current issue of BRANDWEEK.
NASCAR is reportedly close to announcing plans for "both concept
stores and speed parks -- go cart and stock car racing amusement
centers -- which will open late next summer."  They are also
"looking for other sports leagues and associations to co-brand
the speed parks," for example, PGA Tour chipping ranges or MLB
batting cages.  The speed parks will be built on existing mall
and retail outlets, offering NASCAR a "retail base" for its
national sponsors.  Official sponsors include McDonald's, Pepsi,
Gatorade, Die Hard and Craftsman.  The concept stores/speed parks
plan was conceived through NASCAR's "aggressive new licensing
group," which was formed in-house after being handled for the
last five years by Battle Enterprises (Hillary Rosner, BRANDWEEK,
10/9 issue).
     GM AND UAW FIND UNITY IN NASCAR:  General Motors and the
United Auto Workers union, "seeking to shed their past image of
adversaries," joined as title sponsors for NASCAR's UAW-GM
Quality 500 race held this past weekend in Charlotte.  Financial
details were not available (AD WEEK, 10/2 issue).  NASCAR also
looked to take advantage of the Winston Cup race in the "heart of
tobacco country to issue a visible protest to anti-tobacco
legislation proposed" by President Clinton and the FDA.  Full-
page print ads in several publications, including the event's
program, featured the RJR-backed message to Clinton from Richard
Petty.  Tobacco lobbyists staged a petition drive and also
distributed brochures.  Petty:  "I never thought I'd see the day
when the government told me I couldn't paint somebody's name on
the side of my car.  Hasn't he [Clinton] got more important
things to use his executive authority for?" (Holly Cain, TAMPA
TRIBUNE, 10/7).  Sen. Majority Leader Robert Dole made a
"political pit stop" at the Charlotte Motor speedway, and
criticized the proposed regulations.  Dole:  "Let's keep
government out of NASCAR racing.  If you look at this crowd,
about 97 percent are older than 18" (INDIANAPOLIS STAR-NEWS,
10/9).    GOODYEAR FOR PENSKE:  Goodyear will be the exclusive
tire supplier of the 860 Penske Auto Centers, which Roger Penske
will acquired from Kmart for $120M.  Goodyear says the Penske
outlets "will become part of the company's independent dealer
organizations effective" when the transaction is complete
November 1 (AD AGE ONLINE, 10/10).

     The Univ. of Colorado announced a six-year deal with Nike to
provide CU's teams with shoes, uniforms and training apparel
through the 2000-01 school year.  CU will receive $5.6M over the
six years, $530,000 annually in equipment and $325,000 to start
in other Nike payments to the school.  The sponsorship money
increases to $440,000 per year by the end of the deal.  Nike has
had deals with CU's football team since '83, and AD Bill Marolt
said Coach Rick Neuheisel's deal is comparable the deal with
former Coach Bill McCartney's, which paid him to $50,000
annually.  The men's and women's ski teams are the only ones not
covered by the agreement (Colorado Springs GAZETTE TELEGRAPH,