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Volume 24 No. 155

Leagues Governing Bodies

     The IHL is profiled by Neil Hohlfeld of the HOUSTON
CHRONICLE, who writes the league "continues to blur the picture
by playing minor-league hockey but doing everything else on a
major-league level" (HOUSTON CHRONICLE, 9/23).... Although an
announcement on NHL player participation in the '98 Nagano Games
in expected next weekend, some players think the "dream-team
concept, that has worked so well in basketball, won't fly in
hockey."  Flyers star Eric Lindros: said that hockey players
"don't mesh as quickly" as basketball players" (Gary Miles,
PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, 9/24)....The NPSL kicks off their 12th
season on Friday October 20th (NPSL)....The new hockey leagues
forming in Eastern Europe are examined by George Gross of the
TORONTO SUN.  The Eastern European Hockey League was formed in
the off-season by the hockey federation of Belarus, Latvia,
Lithuania, Ukraine, and Estonia (TORONTO SUN, 9/26)....Three new
additions to the Champions Tennis Tour.  The Tour will make its
Asian debut November 2-5, in South Africa in March '96, and an
exhibition in Bombay, India late in '96 (Champions
Tour)....Michael Wilbon on "NFL Prime Monday": "It would be nice
if the NFL could take care of this rash of bad officiating simply
by reinstalling instant replay, because anybody who is more
interested in the length of games, rather than getting it right,
ought to be tuned out.  But replay alone cannot fix poor
officiating" (ESPN, 9/25).

     The tax exempt status of some "non-profit" organizations is
back in the new -- again, with a focus on the sports world.  The
issue is the cover story in this week's U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT
and was featured on ABC's "World News Tonight" last night.  The
salaries paid to top executives at the PGA Tour, MLBPA and the
NFL are detailed in the U.S. NEWS piece by Pound, Cohen & Loeb.
One thing "that has captured the attention of the few members of
Congress willing to take on non-profits and their powerful
lobbies is executive compensation.  The dollars are huge."  The
NFL pays Commissioner Paul Tagliabue $2.5M and has given him a
$250,000 loan.  Also listed is the salary of the MLBPA Exec Dir
Donald Fehr (U.S. NEWS, 10/2 issue).  Last night, ABC's John
Martin examined the ATP and PGA Tours.   While players pay taxes
on earnings, "business leagues" like the PGA and ATP are
exempted.  Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND):  "I think it is safe to say
the IRS has no idea how much money they are losing here" ("World
News Tonight," ABC, 9/25).