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Volume 24 No. 116

Facilities Venues

     Donald Trump reportedly backs a plan to build a new Yankee
Stadium on the West Side of Manhattan, according to this
morning's N.Y. DAILY NEWS.  Trump:  "If [Yankee Owner] George
[Steinbrenner] picked up the phone and called, I would be there
in 15 seconds.  No question.  I would support anything George
does."  In a DAILY NEWS column, CBS' Pat O'Brien reports that
Trump favors a site behind Madison Square Garden and Penn
Station, with "10 stories worth of parking" and serviced "by
every form of rail and MTA there" (N.Y DAILY NEWS, 9/26).  In a
commentary in today's USA TODAY, Tom Weir urges that Yankee
Stadium not be closed: "Having proved last October how temporary
it can be, baseball needs some newfound permanence" (USA TODAY,

     Under the terms of their agreement with the Province to take
NBA games off the Pro-Line sports lottery, the Raptors are
"scrambling" to avoid a $1M penalty that will be incurred if
construction on the Air Canada Centre does not begin by October
1, according to the TORONTO STAR.  But the cannot get a building
permit until appeals to the Ontario Municipal Board are heard or
are resolved without a formal hearing.  The SkyDome is appealing
construction of the arena on the grounds that there are
inadequate plans for bus parking and pedestrian access (TORONTO
STAR, 9/26).

     A poll has found that most of San Francisco's voters oppose
changing the name of Candlestick Park to 3Com Park.  In a survey
of 500 likely voters, 57% opposed the name change, with 46%
expressing strong disapproval.  There is ballot question on the
stadium name change.  The question was merely added to a poll on
the city's upcoming election.   The poll has a margin of error of
+/- 5% (AP/N.Y. TIMES, 9/26)....In an editorial on the
circumvention of election laws, the MIAMI HERALD notes that a
group opposing the incorporation of the area around Joe Robbie
Stadium as the city of Destiny received $100,000 from
JRS/Dolphins Owner Wayne Huizenga.  The donation, however, was
not reported until after the September 19 vote (MIAMI HERALD,