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Volume 24 No. 160
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     HBO has optioned the movie rights to "Only in America," Jack
Newfield's expose on Don King (N.Y. TIMES, 9/22)....The press
conference to formally announce Tyson-Mathis on Fox will be held
Monday at 1pm (Fox)....In Philadelphia, Lynn Zisner gives a good
review to ESPN's promos for "College GameDay," which feature
Chris Fowler, Lee Corso and Craig James hounding "Lester," a
college player portrayed by aspiring actor Rod Tate.  Fowler:
"Viewers will never confuse what we're doing with the 'Capital
Gang.'"  The ads are produced by ESPN's ad agency, Wieden &
Kennedy.  ESPN Senior VP/Marketing Judy Fearing says while these
ads "raise the bar every week," she promises upcoming promos for
"SportsCenter" will "set the bar the highest it's ever been"
(PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS, 9/21)....CBC has lined up several major
corporate sponsors for its '96 Olympic coverage -- McDonald's
Canada, UPS, Royal Bank, IBM, Visa, Kodak, and an alliance of
Canadian telephone companies.  Absent is a brewery (Molson or
Labatt's), a soft drink, and sports equipment or apparel (William
Houston, Toronto GLOBE & MAIL, 9/22)....A.C. Nielsen has debuted
its AdView system, which measures ratings for TV advertisers.
The top-rated brands for last week (in order):  AT&T, McDonald's,
MCI, Mazda 626, KFC, Little Caesars, Saturn, Discover, Olive
Garden, and Sprint (WALL STREET JOURNAL, 9/22)....Rudy Martzke
reports ABC and NBC won't make deals with MLB during their
exclusive negotiating period that ends October 9.  Fox appears
willing to pay $100M a year for half the package, "but no other
network seems to be close to that figure" (USA TODAY, 9/22).