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     Below is a list of the NHL teams' major beer sponsors and
the key benefits included in each deal (THE DAILY).
TEAM           SPONSOR        NOTES
Ducks          A-B/Miller     Shared exclusivity.  Signage, TV,
                              print, hospitality for both.
Bruins         N/A            Arena signage: Bud, Miller, Sam
                              Adams, Heineken, Rolling Rock,
                              Pete's Wicked Ale, Harpoon.
Sabres         A-B            Zamboni, dashers, scoreboard.
                              Labatt's, Molson signage also.
Flames         Molson         Broadcast, signage, dashers.
Blackhawks     Miller         Dashers, zamboni, signage.
Avalanche      Miller         Radio/TV ads, signage, print.
Stars          Miller/Molson  Signage.
Red Wings      Miller         Exclusive arena: in-ice, dashers,
                              signage.  A-B has radio rights.
Oilers         Molson         Broadcast rights.
Panthers       A-B            Dashers, program, pocket sked.
Whalers        A-B            Dashers, radio, in-ice.
Kings          A-B            Signage, radio, print, in-ice.
Canadiens      Molson         Signage, TV rights, print ads.
                              Labatt's also has signage.
Devils         A-B            Dashers, print ads.
Islanders      A-B            Dashers, print, signage, radio.
Rangers        A-B/Heineken   A-B is official domestic beer
                              for TV, radio, publications.
                              Heineken has TV spots, print.
Senators^      Molson         Dashers, signage, magazine ads.
Flyers         A-B/Bud Ice    Radio, TV, signage, dashers,
                              zamboni, print.
Penguins       Shared         SEE BELOW
Blues          A-B            In-ice, dashers, broadcast,
                              signage, zamboni.
Sharks         Miller         Zambonis, dasher, signage, TV,
Lightning      A-B            Dashers, signage, TV.
Maple Leafs    Molson         Broadcast, dashers.
Canucks        Molson         Local TV, dashers, signage.
Capitals       A-B            Dashers, signage.
                              Miller sponsors games on HTS, with
                              radio rights under negotiation.
Jets           Molson         Dashers.
     NOTE:  In Pittsburgh, A-B currently has the primary
sponsorship, which includes signage.  However, when the upcoming
season begins, Miller will become top beer sponsor with signage
and "off-premise" promotions in places such as restaurants and
taverns.  Coors, Pittsburgh Brewing and Molson also have signage
in Civic Arena.  (^) The terms of the Senators deal are for the
new Palladium.