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Volume 24 No. 117
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     Still no deal in the negotiations over the proposed Turner
Broadcasting-Time Warner merger.  The N.Y. POST reports a "stand-
off" with TCI Chair John Malone that could kill the deal (Greg
Clarkin, N.Y. POST, 9/12).  The WALL STREET JOURNAL reports that
the sides are "getting closer" (Shapiro & Sharpe, WALL STREET
JOURNAL, 9/12).  And the N.Y. TIMES reports that Ted Turner wants
a deal done by Friday (N.Y. TIMES, 9/12).  Should the deal
disintegrate, ELECTRONIC MEDIA reports that TCI could step in and
acquire TBS with either News Corp. or GE (ELECTRONIC MEDIA,
9/11). ....America Online will introduce Digital City Washington
later this month, the service's first regionally-targeted
offering (WASHINGTON POST, 9/12)....VARIETY reports on the
strength of the cable industry on Wall Street, with several
smaller networks emerging as possible takeover targets:  Gaylord
Entertainment, the Family Channel and BET (VARIETY,  9/17
issue)....GOLFWEEK's Dave Shedloski reports The Golf Channel has
made adjustments to its rate schedule "to give cable operators
greater marketing freedom."  TGC COO Gary Stevenson:  "They now
have the flexibility to offer us on a basic, tier or a la carte
basis.  Before it was a la carte or premium, and operators are
finding it's not a tier/ premium environment" (GOLFWEEK, 9/9)....
The November 14 Pro Basketball issue from ESPN magazines closes
on September 22.  Full-color, full-page ads go for $17,500, with
b&w for $12,800 (INSIDE MEDIA, 9/19 issue).