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Volume 24 No. 113


     A survey in the Nashville TENNESSEAN asking for suggestions
for a new name for the Oilers if they move to the Music City
pegged Tornadoes as the clear winner.  Over 200 readers responded
to the newspaper's call for a new moniker, with many responses
including suggestions for where a new stadium should be built.
Other fan favorites for a new name include Pioneers, Players and
Frontiersmen (TENNESSEAN, 8/29).

     Each home playoff game for the Red Sox would be worth $2.5M
to the local economy, officials for the Greater Boston Convention
and Visitors bureau said yesterday.  Steff Gelson writes in this
morning's BOSTON HERALD officials warned fans yesterday that
"travelers and tourists may be caught in a squeeze play for
Boston hotel rooms" if the Sox advance beyond the Divisional
playoffs (BOSTON HERALD, 8/30).

     Belgian brewer Interbrew SA, which purchased Labatt's for
C$2.7B in July and promptly sold off the company's broadcast
properties, said yesterday they have not made a decision on
whether to sell the Blue Jays and Labatt's other sports holdings
-- thre CFL Argonauts and 40% of SkyDome.   Art Chamberlain
writes in this morning's TORONTO STAR that analysts expect
Interbrew to eventually sell the teams and the share in SkyDome,
and use the cash to "help pay back" money borrowed to purchase
Labatt.  Chamberlain notes that "the baseball strike and Jays on-
field woes have cut the price they would fetch."  The team was
estimated to be worth C$200M "at their peak" (TORONTO STAR,

     Alameda County supervisors voted unanimously yesterday to
accept complementary luxury box seats for Raider games, sparking
criticism from a group opposed to the $223M bond deal to bring
the team back to Oakland.  Tara Shioya reports in this morning's
S.F. CHRONICLE that Taxpayers for a Vote on Raiders Deal
suggested "the ticket giveaway will only add to the appearance of
a sweetheart deal."  Supervisor Gail Steele: "This is a perk, but
it is not a conflict of interest."  Supervisors also have access
to a Coliseum box for a limited number of A's games and free
tickets to every A's game (S.F. CHRONICLE, 8/30).  Meanwhile,
Oakland Football Marketing Association officials said yesterday
they expect to sell the 2,000 remaining tickets for Sunday's
Raider opener verses San Diego by this afternoon, averting a
local television blackout (OAKLAND TRIBUNE, 8/30).
     BARGAIN HUNTING:  In Tampa, Devil Rays Managing Partner
Vince Naimoli showed off private boxes for reservation-holders in
the ThunderDome last night.  Naimoli noted that the cost of the
suites -- $40,000-125,000 per season -- is "relatively modest in
comparison to private suites in other professional sports" (Bill
Chastain, TAMPA TRIBUNE, 8/30).