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Volume 24 No. 114


     NJ-resident Michael Bandler sued the Devils Wednesday saying
that he has risked bodily injury and endured snowy nights and
lousy teams all to be a Devils fan.  He is alleging the team
violated the consumer fraud act when it denied him postseason
tickets for the past two years.  Bandler: "I watched them lose
for 10 or 12 years, and then they started winning and things were
looking good, and I got left out" (Thomas Zambito, Bergen RECORD,
8/10)....Dodger players are being limited to six tickets for
tonight's Cardinals game due to the increased demand for tickets
when Hideo Nomo pitches.  The Dodgers average attendance is
36,396, but 41,047 when Nomo pitches (Chris Baker, L.A. TIMES,
8/10)....Boston Neurologist Edison K. Miyawaki bought ownership
shares in the Bengals from Bengals Chair Austin E. Knowlton.  It
is the first time someone from outside the state of Ohio has
owned part of the team. Miyawaki said he has no intentions of
trying to move the team. (AP/Minneapolis STAR TRIBUNE, 8/10).

     The Winnipeg City Council's ruling on advancing the Spirit
of Manitoba additional pre-construction arena financing has been
delayed a day with a decision due late this afternoon, according
to the WINNIPEG FREE PRESS.  Nick Martin writes the City Council
decided to wait until this morning to get a start on "a long and
lengthy debate."  Councilman Terry Duguid said Mayor Susan
Thompson probably has the votes needed to give the Spirit "the
green light."  Duguid predicting today's outcome: "Many speeches
and a 9-7 vote."  The current ownership group of the Jets is
meeting today to begin considering a Spirit request for an
extension of the Aug. 15 deadline to have the deal completed to
purchase the team (Nick Martin, WINNIPEG FREE PRESS, 8/10).
     DON'T BOGART YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS:  The Spirit of Manitoba
"pulled out all of the stops" and launched a massive fund-raising
effort to close a C$15M funding gap days before the August 15
deadline.  The group must raise C$80M by the 15th to exercise an
option to purchase the majority shares of the team.  The
ownership group will grant a two-week extension for the Spirit to
complete the purchase of the team after they have received C$80M
in pledges (WINNIPEG FREE PRESS, 8/10).

     Among the details of the "last-minute changes" in the deal
returning the Raiders to Oakland are mechanisms which could cost
Oakland area taxpayers if the NFL takes action to absorb Raiders
PSL revenue, according to the OAKLAND TRIBUNE.  The Raiders want
to use PSL revenue to cover Oakland's stadium improvement bonds.
The NFL sees the PSLs as part of the team's ticket revenue which
is subject to league rules requiring teams to share 34% of their
ticket receipts with visiting teams.  Under the revised
agreement, the Coliseum will be required to side with the Raiders
in any court action between the Raiders and the NFL on the issue.
Of the $63.9M the team plans to raise through the sale of PSLs,
the Raiders will be responsible for paying 34% on the first
$49.9M of PSL revenue, or $16.9M.  The Coliseum will be
responsible for paying 34% on the remaining $14M, or $4.76M.  The
Coliseum will also be liable for the first $600,000 in legal fees
to defend any lawsuit.  If the Coliseum then has "inadequate
revenues" from PSLs to pay off the bonds, it will have to "tap
city and county tax offers" (Stacey Wells & David Li, OAKLAND
TRIBUNE, 8/10). Another aspect of the last-minute deal assures
Davis $3.8M "from this month's weak-selling pre-season games and
increases the risk for taxpayers," according to Barry Witt in the
SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS.  Witt notes ticket sales, as of Tuesday,
left a difference of $1.8M between what has been guaranteed and
what has been sold.  Any shortfall will be covered by bonds, and
ultimately, "will be absorbed by taxpayers."  Coliseum Board
President George Vukasin said the deal is "a little risky," but
added, "the most important thing was we needed to get the tenant
signed, sealed and delivered on Monday, and that was
accomplished" (SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS, 8/10).
     A GOOD PLACE FOR A TRIBUTE TO GARCIA?  The Coliseum hired
L.A.-based Tutor-Saliba Corp. as general contractor, Cordell
Corp. as project manager, and Kansas City, MO-based HNTB
Architects Engineers Planners as designers in the Coliseum
renovation efforts (OAKLAND TRIBUNE, 8/10).

     THE SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY surveyed each NFL team concerning
their single-game ticket prices for the '95-96 season.  Below is
a list of the teams and their ticket prices for '95 and how they
compare to last year.
BUFF      $26, $34, $41Same
CINCFrom $30 to $37$3 increase in all ranges
CLEV$17, $25, $31, $35, $55Prices from $17-$35
DEN$19, $25, $30, $38Same
HOUS$20, $27, $31, $36, $38Same
INDI$15, $23, $25, $29, $35$15, $23, $29
JAX$35, $46^ ----
KCAvg. price is $31.09Avg. price was $29.03
OAKN/A$15, $25, $35, $38, $42
MIA$20, $33, $34, $35, $36,$20, $28, $33
$40, $43
NE$23, $25, $32, $35, $38, $50Same
NYJAll tickets are $25Same
PITTAll tickets are $30Same
SANAvg. price is $35Avg. price was $31
SEA$19, $28, $32, $38Same
^ = Preseason prices.  Regular season prices have yet to be
announced.  Season ticket prices are $150, $300, $400, $500,
$600, $750, $1,500.

     The Northwest Entertainment Group may be looking to change
their name, according to this morning's VANCOUVER SUN.  The
rumored new name for the owner of the Canucks, Grizzlies, and GM
Place is either Orca Entertainment Group or Orca Island
Entertainment Group.  VP/Communications Tom Mayenknecht: "Nothing
has been finalized in terms of the corporate identity, but we are
looking for a number of visual elements."  Mayenknecht said NEG
Chair Arthur Griffiths had "challenged senior management to find
ways to mark the new era," and suggested the name change be in
place by the opening of the GM Place on September 19.   Among the
changes is a "more aggressive foray into publishing and a
multiple presence on the internet to complement other marketing
ploys."  NEG is looking to publish three magazine, one for
Grizzlies and Canucks fans and another "promoting the company's
other entertainment ventures" (Daphne Bramham, VANCOUVER SUN,