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Volume 24 No. 156

Sports Industrialists

     HAKEEM OLAJUWON appeared on last night's "Charlie Rose."
Olajuwon was told by NY Gov. MARIO CUOMO: "You have introduced a
whole new element to the game. ... You have something JOE
DIMAGGIO had ... you are perceived by the people as having
dignity, having class, having style."  Olajuwon told Rose he is
writing a book: "My life has been like a dream.  I'd like to
share my experiences with people."  Olajuwon also said he has no
regrets about playing in Houston instead of a major market:
"Houston has been a blessing in disguise for me" (PBS,
6/21)....TERRY BRADSHAW appeared on the "Tonight Show."  Bradshaw
asked Leno why he was asked to appear: "I don't even know why I'm
out here in the first place.  I've got no movie out, I've got no
album ... I got no hair, I'm fat, I'm out of shape, I'm
bowlegged" (NBC, 6/22)....Salt Lake City Olympic Bid Committee
President TOM WELCH appeared on CNBC's "Business Insiders."
Welch:  "In Salt Lake City, [the Games] are a very viable,
workable business proposition" (CNBC, 6/21)....JIM COPELAND, Dir
of Athletics at Southern Methodist Univ., has been chosen by
NACDA to serve as President.  Also elected to serve for the '95-
96 term were Univ. of Washington AD BARBARA HEDGES as 1st VP,
Georgia AD VINCE DOOLEY as 2nd VP, Rutgers AD FRED GUNINGER as
3rd VP, and William Paterson College AD ART EASON as Secretary