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     CNN's Casey Wayans reported on the high frequency of
advertising during sports broadcasts through non-traditional
ways.  Sponsorships such as the "Prudential at the Half," and the
"McDonalds Game Break," have become more prevalent. Dutch Boy
Paints, which sponsors the "In the Paint" highlight package on
NBA broadcasts, claims sales have increased 31% since starting
the deal in 1992.  Dutch Boy President Scott King:  "Marketing
today is a lot more than just running TV commercials.  When
people think of in the paint, they think of Dutch Boy, so we're
looking at awareness, and of course, sales."  MCI, which sponsors
the "Long Distance Home Run," aims their promotions at consumers
who "tune out" commercials.  Scott Ross, President of MCI
Business Markets:  "What we would like to do through the long-
distance home run spots, is once again promote the MCI brand
image and tie it to a sporting event or activity that the viewer
can focus in on."  Wayans reported that these sponsorships are
cheaper than buying and producing ads.  Dean Barrett, VP/Sports
Promotion for McDonalds:  "This allows us a unique way of
bringing the NFL alive.  It really is not an incremental cost to
the advertiser, it's really part of the overall program."
Wayans: "The bottom line is these spots are cost effective"
("Moneyline," CNN, 6/21).