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     "The negotiating teams for the NBA and its Players
Association announced Wednesday that they have agreed on a new
labor contract," according to David Moore in this morning's
DALLAS MORNING NEWS.  Moore continues, "Meanwhile the legal
maneuvers designed to prevent the quick approval of this
collective bargaining agreement intensified" (DALLAS MORNING
NEWS, 6/22).  Hawks President Stan Kasten, a member of the NBA's
Labor Committee:  "I understand we're very close.  We still have
to meet, discuss and vote" (Ailene Voisin, ATLANTA CONSTITUTION,
6/22).  The NBA Board of Governors and the 27 player reps meet
for votes tomorrow, the owners in New York and the players in
          DON'T RATIFY, DECERTIFY!  The announcement of a deal
     came hours after 17 players petitioned the NLRB to legally
     decertify the union as their collective bargaining agent
     with the NBA.  Those players now need to provide the NLRB
     with signatures of 30% of the union's 324 members before the
     NBPA ratifies the new agreement.  If those signatures are
     filed by Friday -- and, according to Mark Asher of the
     WASHINGTON POST, "the attorney representing the unhappy
     players said they will be" -- the NLRB will hold a hearing
     on whether a vote should be held of the entire union
     membership.  If a vote is held, a majority would be
     necessary to decertify the union.  Decertification would
     kill the present agreement and end the league's labor
     exemption from antitrust laws (WASHINGTON POST, 6/22).  A
     decertification vote would be held 30-45 days after the NLRB
     hearing (Ronald Blum, AP/MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL, 6/22).
          LET THE SELLING BEGIN:  In L.A., Mark Heisler described
     the NBPA as "under an eleventh-hour siege," but reports that
     in conference calls among 20 of the 27 player reps,
     "sentiment reportedly was running in favor of ratification"
     (L.A. TIMES, 6/22).  CNN's Fred Hickman reported, after
     talking with NBPA Exec Dir Simon Gourdine, President Buck
     Williams and VP Charles Smith, that "they feel as though
     they can sell this agreement to the players.  That once they
     see it they're going to see it's a good deal and there's
     going to be no problem ("Sports Tonight," CNN, 6/21).  In
     Boston, Jackie MacMullan also notes an "informal poll" of
     player reps indicated the deal would pass.  Also, Bucks
     Player Rep Ed Pinckney, who had signed a decertification
     notice, "has changed his position" (BOSTON GLOBE, 6/22).