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     The NHL's Board of Governors meeting continued yesterday,
with the approval of the Nordiques' move to Denver gaining the
most coverage this morning:
          AU REVOIR, QUEBEC:  In a unanimous vote, the Board
     approved the sale of the Nordiques to Comsat and the move to
     Denver for '95-96.  In addition to the $75M paid to the
     Nordiques former owners led by Marcel Aubut, an $8M transfer
     fee will be paid to the league.  NHL Commissioner Gary
     Bettman:  "It's going to be good in Denver" (Adrian Drater,
     DENVER POST, 6/22).  Bettman said the owners didn't consider
     a last-minute request from a Quebec group for a 30-day
     delay.  The to-be-named team will play in the Pacific
     Division.  The new owners said that fans will help pick the
     team's nickname, colors and logo.  Among the options:  Black
     Bears, Cougars, Outlaws, Avalanche, Big Horns, Explorers,
     Renegades, and Wranglers (ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS, 6/22).  A
     source in the Denver business community said the public's
     input on the name "will delay the process," and a final name
     and logo for the club may not be unveiled until the third or
     fourth week of July (ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS, 6/21).
          DANCING WITH THE DEVILS:  Bettman said that the future
     of the Devils will be decided shortly.  He said the Devils
     told the Board of Governors that no decision had yet been
     made by on whether or not they would remain in NJ.  Devils
     Owner John McMullen said a decision would not be "until the
     finals were concluded."  Bettman: "Very shortly, this is
     going to have to be brought to a head.  I will inject myself
     when I think it will do some good in terms of getting a
     resolution one way or the other" (Jeff Legowold, Nashville
     TENNESSEAN, 6/22).  In Washington, Leonard Shapiro writes
     that "many hockey observers said the NHL's virtual silence
     shows it wants the Devils to leave the three-team New York
     area and head to another unchartered part of the South"
     (WASHINGTON POST, 6/22).  According to figures released
     during a NJ court hearing yesterday, the Devils received
     $1.2M in luxury suite revenue at Brendan Byrne in '94, 64%
     more than the Nets' $737,115.  For '95, the Devils are
     projected to receive $1.26M and the Nets $769,316.  The
     disparity, according to Richard Sandomir of the N.Y. TIMES,
     relfects the Devils' lease renegotiation with the NJ Sports
     & Exposition Authority in '91.  Since then, the Devils have
     received 34.2% of gross suite revenues, while the Nets have
     received 25%, after expenses (N.Y. TIMES, 6/22).
          LONG LIVE THE KINGS?  The Board also approved, in
     principle, the proposed interim financing for the Kings from
     CO billionaire Philip Anschutz and developer Edward Roski.
     The financing, according to Bettman, "will be sufficient" to
     keep the Kings stable for "the next few months."  An
     agreement by the team's three shareholders prevents the
     club's sale until January 31, 1996 -- "unless all parties
     agree."  Bettman:  "I believe there's enough positive cash
     flow to get them to the winter.  That's the expectation"
     (Helene Elliott, L.A. TIMES, 6/22).  League sources say that
     former Argonauts Owner Harry Ornest, in a group with Lakers
     (and former Kings) Owner Jerry Buss, had lobbied NHL owners
     to reject Anschutz's bid.  Kings Co-Owner Joe Cohen recently
     rejected a bid from Ornest -- $50M and an added $50M loan
     guarantee (William Houston, Toronto GLOBE & MAIL, 6/22).
          NHL NEWS & NOTES:  In Toronto, Bob McKenzie writes that
     "the expansion ball is finally beginning to roll."  Several
     Governors told him the process is "already underway" and two
     teams are expected to be added this summer for admission in
     Fall '96.  McKenzie also notes the Jets are "almost certain"
     to be in Winnipeg this season, but many believe that the
     long-term prospects for the NHL in Manitoba "remain bleak"
     (TORONTO STAR, 6/22).  Flames Co-Owner Harley Hotchkiss was
     elected Chair of the Board of Governors.  The position had
     been vacant since former Kings' Owner Bruce McNall resigned
     more than a year ago (Helene Elliott, L.A. TIMES, 6/22).