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Volume 24 No. 155
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     SUGAR RAY LEONARD is interested in fighting MARVIN HAGLER
next April.  Leonard: "I think it would be great, and I would
entertain that."  Leonard mentioned April 6, 1996 as a possible
date ("SportsCenter," ESPN, 6/15)....Rockets Forward ROBERT HORRY
appeared on CBS' "Late Show."  Horry, on DENNIS RODMAN: "He's a
scary guy but you got to respect him because he's
competitive."....BILL COSBY appeared wearing a Rockets World
Champions hat (CBS, 6/16)....Stars Owner NORM GREEN has reached a
settlement with the Alberta Treasury to put his real estate
company, Stewart Green Properties, in "soft receivership"
     LETTERMAN'S TOP TEN:  From last night's "Late Show," the Top
Ten Orlando Magic Excuses:  10)  Didn't want game five, we're
going to see "Batman Forever"; 9) Sometimes being too tall makes
you kinda dizzy; 8) Can't prove it, but pretty sure one of the
refs was a brother of one of the Rockets or something; 7) Too
busy tying yellow ribbons 'round old oak trees (that's a Tony
Orlando excuse); 6) Couldn't concentrate after hearing Michael
and Lisa Marie actually do it; 5) In a perfect world, Connie
would still be doing CBS News; 4) Ran out of Gatorade and had to
use bugs and rainwater; 3) Anfernee Hardaway didn't score enough
bafkets; 2) Yeah, like we want to go to the White House and get
our ass shot at; 1) What do we care, we're already in
Disneyworld! ("Late Show," CBS, 6/15).